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Associations/Clubs and Organizations

President – Kristina Francillon (kmf49@miami.edu)

To support UM MBA students on their entrepreneurship journey through education, networking and fraternity.


  1. Develop a support network for ‘Cane entrepreneurs and make entrepreneurship a viable career option for its graduates.
  2. Build relationships with local entrepreneurs, in various industries, to learn from their challenges and obtain invaluable advice.
  3. Involve members in the numerous business plan competitions and consequently increase the University of Miami’s reputation for promoting new enterprises.

Finance & Investment Banking
Co-President – Ignacio Fernandez (i.fernandezdecabo@umiami.edu)
                      Julieta Scannone (jscannone@miami.edu)

To help members to acknowledge the career possibilities in the financial arena and to connect them with the right companies to achieve their desired role and goal. We will encourage collaboration between all the members in order to produce the largest number of full time and interns hired in the finance industry from an MBA class.

  1. To help members to learn all the possible roles in finance and to understand how to reach the right companies and right people for every role.
  2. To improve collaboration between all the members and in particular the second year MBA members with the first year MBA members to mentor them in the difficult tasks of finding an internship for the summer.
  3. Bring financial experts that would gave members knowledge and exposure to the different areas of the financial world.
  4. Invite collaboration with the other clubs to achieve not only our goals but help them with their goals.

Global Business
President – TBD

To educate MBAs to become global minded business leaders.


  1. Give students a greater understanding of how business is conducted in various cultures.
  2. Facilitate lasting relationships between students and established global minded business leaders.
  3. Maintain active and involved membership throughout our various activities.
  4. Further the access of MBA students to free or reduced-priced language labs or courses.

Management Consulting
Co-President – Ricardo Freyre - (r.freyre@umiami.edu)
                      Sergii Verteletskyi  - (s.verteletskyi@umiami.edu

To provide members with the resources to learn about the industry of management consulting, and its relevance in today’s business world.


  1. Foster the interaction between graduate business students who have similar interests.
  2. Raise the involvement of UM MBA Alumni through their participation in the Club’s networking events.
  3. Provide networking events with management consulting professionals in Miami.
  4. Help current MBA students in pursuing internships and full-time positions in the field of management consulting.

Executive Committee - Marina Barrios - (marina.c.barrios@gmail.com)
                                   Jessica Washington – (jnw16@miami.edu)
                                   Viviana Soto - (v.soto2@miami.edu)
                                   Brian Foster – (brf13@miami.edu)
                                   Romina Krulig (rxk139@miami.edu)

To provide a forum where all active members can gain value by participating in various activities related to the marketing field.


  1. Promote the University of Miami School of Business throughout the South Florida area by participating in high profile outreach programs
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to excellence through case competitions and becoming a valuable asset to local businesses in need of marketing related work.
  3. Engage active members in networking with marketing professionals and provide opportunities to sharpen critical skills to become successful in marketing after graduation.

Women MBAs
Co-President – Talita Sagayama – (talita.sagayama@gmail.com)
                      Fiorella Rosales Ugarte – (fiorella.ru@gmail.com)

To provide a forum for women with a strong professional drive to discuss the various aspects of navigating in a highly competitive business environment.


  1. Provide women MBAs at the University of Miami with opportunities to network with and learn from the experiences of successful business women.
  2. Assist women MBAs in developing skills that will advance their business careers.
  3. Empower women MBAs in order to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America.
  4. Enhance the diversity of the nation’s workforce. 
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