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Associations/Clubs and Organizations

Graduate Business Student Association

The GBSA is a student-run, professional and social organization. All graduate business students become members once enrolled in the MBA Program and are encouraged to attend meetings and events. The GBSA organizes presentations by executives from the business community on topics of interest to graduate students, and sponsors numerous social events and activities. Visit the the GBSA Web site for more information.

Global Business

The mission of the University of Miami Global Business Club is to provide a forum for members and the Business School to develop and share their understanding and interests of global  , to help members develop a network of individuals that have a global presence, and to provide career opportunities.  The Global Business Club will provide information to students interested in learning more about legal, political, and cultural restrictions on working, investing, and starting a business, and will provide students with exposure to individuals and information that will increase their ability of having a successful experience.  In addition, this club is an excellent resource for MBA students interested in learning more about the differences in the global markets, the potential areas of growth, and the investment and employment opportunities that are available.


The Association’s main purpose is to provide a forum for MBA students to interact with each other, investment companies, and real world entrepreneurs in order to facilitate new business ideas and increase entrepreneurial activity within the University of Miami’s MBA student body.  The Club’s members attend several events throughout the year related to entrepreneurship, real estate development, early-stage business growth, and related financing.  The Association also hosts and co-sponsors several similar events on the University of Miami’s campus throughout the school year.  These events are meant not only to help students network with Florida’s entrepreneurial  and real estate community and learn from their experiences, but also to provide our visitors with an opportunity to make new business contacts with other visiting businesses and our students.

Finance/Investment Banking

The Finance Club organizes activities to assist members in evaluating careers in finance and identifying current career opportunities, The goal is to extend the practical finance education with job-specific knowledge and connect members with alumni and other finance professionals. The Association  strives to improve members' understanding of investment management, to help develop practical skills and strategies useful in portfolio management, to provide guidance as students begin their career paths, and to improve access to career opportunities. The Association’s success is attributed to its contacts with leaders from all segments of the finance community, a close relationship with the Ziff Career Services Office and an extensive and active alumni network.


The Marketing Club is an organization that brings students with an interest in marketing together.  Our goal is to create knowledge of the vast size of the field so students can obtain a better grasp on where they want to specialize.  We will do this through different networking events and forums based on industries that members of the Association have expressed interest.  We want to be a tool that helps them further their future careers. The Marketing Association also works with the University Of Miami American Marketing Association Chapter, which gives members more opportunities to network with local professionals and attend conferences to see what other students in the state are doing as well as meet other professionals from around the United States.  This is also an organization in which students can give back when they join the workforce by staying an active member and helping future MBA’s.

Management Consulting

The Management Consulting Club’s mission is to inform students about the possibilities within the field of consulting.  Consultants work in areas of finance, marketing, CIS, IT, general management and most other business disciplines.  This "wide variety" creates job opportunities with many majors. The Management Consulting Club hosts numerous companies throughout the year, generally in a panel discussion format followed by time for questions and answers.  Companies that have attended events in the past include McKinsey & Company, A.T. Kearney, Ryder, and Accenture.  These events provide students with the opportunity to find out more about consulting and are an excellent opportunity to network.

Women’s MBA

The mission of the Women's MBA Club is to provide a forum for women with a strong professional drive to discuss the various aspects of interacting in a highly competitive professional environment.  The club will also focus on raising the awareness of men and women regarding the issues faced in cross-gender working environments spotlighting fellowship, leadership, and methods to improve working environments, and especially how to understand varying points of view.  The Women's MBA Club will host successful professionals with expertise on relevant topics such as effective networking and cross-gender management and plans to bring case studies to encourage discussion and develop unique management skills as a group, similar to the process in management classes.

University Organizations

Numerous campus-wide student clubs and organizations are available to the students. Visit the University Web site for comprehensive information.
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