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Associations/Clubs and Organizations

President – Harrison McGuire (j.mcguire@umiami.edu)

To introduce its members to entrepreneurship and its various components, as well as inform and aid members in the launch of a new venture.


  1. Increase awareness of entrepreneurship and its major impact on the U.S. economy.
  2. Build upon relationships with multiple investment sources such as bank or private loans, venture capital firms and angel investors.
  3. Involve members in the numerous business plan competitions and consequently increase the University of Miami’s reputation for promoting new enterprises.

Finance & Investment Banking
Co-President – Kampoo Puttanoon (kampoo@gmail.com)
                      Krithi Bojja (k.bojja@umiami.edu)

To assist members in evaluating careers in finance, and help them become competitive candidates for internships and full-time positions in the current economic climate.

  1. To help MBA students successfully attain internships and full-time positions in the finance industry.
  2. Help the students get industry exposure through Alumni and industry experts.
  3. Increase student body involvement in extra-curricular activities related to the field of finance.

Global Business
Co-President – Lokesh Ramamoorthi (lokeshr@umiami.edu)
                      Mohini Shah (m.shah14@umiami.edu)

To educate MBAs to become business leaders with a global outlook and help them pursue their careers in their field of interest.


  1. Create an open-platform to share the knowledge about the increasingly global business environment
  2. Give students a greater understanding of how business is conducted in various cultures.
  3. Facilitate lasting relationships between students and established global minded business leaders.

Management Consulting
President – David Jaramillo (djara004@gmail.com)

To provide opportunities to its members to gain knowledge and familiarity with the field of management consulting.


  1. Increase the number of MBA students that successfully attain internships and full-time positions in the field of management consulting
  2. Provide networking and socializing events with management consulting firms in the surrounding area.
  3. Foster the interaction of graduate business students who have similar interests.

President – Jenna Redfearn (j.redfearn@umiami.edu)

To provide a collaborative forum to develop, discuss and apply marketing skills for all current MBA students interested in learning about or working in the marketing field.


  1. Promote the University of Miami School of Business throughout the South Florida area by participating in projects with local organizations.
  2. Develop and enhance critical skills to become successful in marketing after graduation through workshops and training sessions.
  3. Engage active members in networking with marketing professionals from a variety of marketing functions and industries

Women MBAs
Co-President – Estefania Paoli Rached (e.paolirached@umiami.edu)
                      Kristina Dedic (k.dedic@umiami.edu)

To provide a forum for women with a strong professional drive to discuss the various aspects of navigating in a highly competitive business environment.


  1. Provide women MBAs at the University of Miami with opportunities to network with and learn from the experiences of successful business women.
  2. Assist women MBAs in developing skills that will advance their business careers.
  3. Empower women MBAs in order to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America.
  4. Enhance the diversity of the nation’s workforce.
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