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The UM MBA curriculum provides a framework that accelerates growth. Students gain new perspectives and have the opportunity to prove and polish their leadership skills. They learn to think critically across subjects, linking their knowledge of management, economics and marketing with finance, business law and technology. The MBA program is a 56-credit, lock-step program composed of 29 courses. Twelve of the courses are electives that can be used toward a concentration.  Course waivers allow students to substitute an elective course for some, but not all, required courses. To qualify for a waiver, a student must pass a written exam.  The first year of the program is cohort in nature where classes are predetermined and taken with the same group of students. Cohort groups range in size. The second year permits a flexible schedule allowing students to enroll in elective courses, which may be used to obtain a concentration.

Year One Fall Semester • Building Management Skills

TERM 1-1

ACC 670:  Financial Reporting and Analysis

BUS 600/602:  Critical Thinking and Effective Writing (1 credit)

BUS 604:  MBA Career Development and Enrichment (0 credit)

ECO 685:  Managerial Decisions in Global Economy

MGT 675:  Business Policy and Strategy

TERM 1-2

ACC 671:  Accounting for Decision Making

BUS 603:  Critical Thinking and Effective Speaking (1 credit)

MAS 631:  Statistics for Managerial Decision Making

MGT 620:  Managing Through People

Year One Spring Semester • Making Management Decisions

TERM 1-3
BSL 690:  Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decision Making

BUS 604:  MBA Career Development and Enrichment (1 credit)

FIN 641:  Valuation and Financial Decision Making
MAS 632:  Management Science Models for Decision Making

MKT 640:  Foundation of Marketing Management
TERM 1-4

BTE 610:  Foundations of Management Information Systems

FIN 642:  The Financial Environment

MGT 643:  Principles of Operations Management

MKT 650:  Strategic Marketing

Summer-Internship (No Credit)

Year Two Fall Semester • Expanding Career Opportunities

TERM 2-1

BUS 604: MBA Career Development and Enrichment (0 credit)




TERM 2-2



Year Two Spring Semester • The Executive Perspective

TERM 2-3

BUS 604:  MBA Career Development and Enrichment (1 credit)



TERM 2-4

MGT 677:  Corporate Strategy and Organization

"The cohort format of UM's MBA Program creates excellent long-term relationships and a team-work focus that is unique among MBA Programs. Pursuing my MBA at UM has enabled me to explore many new career options and exposed me to the latest thinking in how to successfully manage business."
--Jonathan Spearing, MBA 2005

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