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Health & Housing

Health Insurance Requirements

All international students must purchase the international health insurance offered by the University at the time of registration, unless they provide proof of agency or government sponsored coverage that has been approved by the University Student Health Service prior to registration. Please note that this insurance must be of equal or greater value than the university's Student Health Insurance. For additional information about costs and dependent coverage requirements visit the Student Health Service website at www.miami.edu/student-health.
Additionally, all new domestic students are required to obtain adequate health insurance. For information call 305-284-652, email student-health@miami.edu, or visit the website at www.miami.edu/student-health.


The University does not provide graduate student housing. Graduate students live off-campus. Many private apartments are available close to the University and vary in rent according to the size and location. The Office of Commuter Student Affairs maintains a web based listing for students seeking off-campus housing.
Should you have any questions, please contact the office directly at 305-284-5646 or email: csi@miami.edu
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