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Mentor Program Welcomes Participants for 17th Year

October 20, 2008
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Alumni mentors (left to right): Marcelo Alvarez
(BBA '62, MBA '65), Susan Shapiro (MBA '83) and
Marvin Stein (BBA '70).
 Sherry Ulsh Shares Mentor Experiences
Sherry Ulsh (MBA ’83) director of marketing account
administration for the Burger King Corporation
speaks about her experiences as a mentor.

The School of Business Administration welcomed mentors and students at its annual Mentor Program Orientation on Monday, Oct. 20. The Mentor Program, in existence since 1991, invites leaders in the South Florida business community to offer guidance and expertise to students.

“Mentoring transcends time, gender, and culture. In fact, mentors have been known to inspire and transform individuals, groups, organizations, and even countries. Mentors are responsible for teaching those things that cannot be taught in the classroom – they teach lessons learned in the trenches of life,” said Linda Neider, vice dean of undergraduate programs, who gave a presentation on the meaning and significance of mentoring. Current mentor Sherry Ulsh (MBA ’83) director of marketing account administration for the Burger King Corporation also spoke and shared her experiences as a mentor.

Students who qualify are invited to become part of the program, and are then matched with a mentor based on areas of student interest and mentor expertise. Mentors and students meet regularly for discussions ranging from study habits to career choices, and the School hosts regular roundtables giving students an opportunity to interact with other mentors on topics related to their field.  The program also gives students an opportunity to see the real day-to-day workings of a company.

Joy Ambler, a junior majoring in International Finance Marketing, changed her career objectives after her first year in the program. “By watching and observing her,” Ambler said of her first mentor, “I realized I might want my career to take a slightly different path.”  Ambler met her new mentor to begin her second year as part of the program.

Many student protégés go on to become mentors themselves, including former protégé and now mentor, Betsey Earle (MBA ’06) who said of the program, “It was nice to talk to someone in the industry I wanted to go in to. I got insight I couldn’t get from other students. In turn, I wanted to help someone else.”

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