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Top Undergraduates Reap Benefits of Bermont-Carlin Scholars Program

October 23, 2008
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Undergraduate students in New YorkA select group of the School’s top undergraduates had the opportunity to meet with major investment banks on Wall Street and become better educated about their career objectives during a trip to New York this month.

The trip, designed for students who will be applying for summer internships with Wall Street and other top New York firms, also included a visit to the New York Stock Exchange which enabled the 15 students to study the current economic crisis first hand.

 “The trip was a tremendous success.  Our students performed wonderfully and the host institutions were very helpful,” said Brian Barrett, an associate professor of finance who accompanied the students.

Students met with representatives from seven firms which included UBS, Unilever, Banc America Securities, Citibank, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs. Since many of these companies use student interns as a source for permanent hires, the opportunity to meet with top executives was invaluable to the chosen students.

The trip was underwritten by Richard Bermont and Adam Carlin, principals of the Bermont/Carlin Group, a local Citigroup/Smith Barney affiliate that created the Bermont-Carlin Scholars Program. Sophomores interested in learning about the investments industry were invited to apply to the Scholars program during the spring semester.  From that group, top students were chosen and completed a large research project over the summer along with preparation sessions during the month of September in order to qualify in the trip.

“It was a lot of work,” said C.J. Walker of the competitive program, “but it’s paid tremendous dividends already.”  Walker, a finance major, has already completed one interview and is communicating with several other firms, spoke highly of his experiences. “We were really able to see the corporate culture there, and now I know much more than I did before about the direction I want to take. For us to be able to walk into a firm and introduce ourselves as Bermont-Carlin Scholars, that’s a great thing.
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