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UM School of Business Partnering with Non-profits for New Freshman Course

April 18, 2008
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Program Will Provide Students with Opportunities to Engage in Decision-making that Promotes Social Responsibility

The University of Miami’s School of Business  is looking for non-profit organizations to take part in a new, required freshmen course, Management 100, that will partner them with students, who will help them become more business savvy while learning the “real life” hurdles of running a daily business.

The 15-week course, set to be offered for the first time in the fall semester, will offer students a real opportunity to give back to the community by using the skills and know-how learned in the classroom to solve the many business challenges non-profit organizations face. Students will also come face-to-face with each organization’s role in the community and how they balance their social, economic and political needs while building ethical business practices.

The School of Business’s freshmen will work in teams of ten, and each team will be mentored by an upper class student teaching assistant. Each team will be partnered with a non-profit organization to apply the concepts they have learned in the class, particularly in the area of social entrepreneurship.

“It has the potential to be transformational for all players: students, faculty, administration, nonprofit organizations and the community. Business students will learn about the needs of the community and their ability to contribute in meaningful ways to making change,” says Daniella Levine, president of the Human Services Coalition, which has already signed onto the program. “Nonprofits will receive tangible services and creative contributions from energetic learners.”

“By participating in the course, students will be able to understand that business is part of a larger social-economic-political fabric where ethical business practices and tangible relationships with the community are an essential feature of success,” said Ellen McPhillip, director of Outreach Programs and the Freshman Experience at the School of Business.“ Ethics is at the core of the decision-making process and students will see how business decisions need to be made using that framework while contributing to a community project.”

The course will entail weekly lectures by senior faculty and community leaders discussing areas of business, highlighting the ethical and social responsibility of each. One-third of the semester will be spent on team work—both developing team skills and working on a community project with the organization they have been partnered with.

If you are a non-profit organization that would like to apply to be a part of the course or to receive more information, contact Ellen McPhillip at (305) 284-2987 or send an e-mail to emcphillip@miami.edu
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