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Freshman Class Faces New Curriculum Designed for the 21st Century Manager

August 24, 2008
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The School of Business kicked off the new school year with an orientation for undergraduate students Aug. 22 -Undergrad Orientation 24. Eager students attended academic meetings and events to become better acquainted with the School of Business and its curriculum.

“I enjoyed everything about orientation,” said freshman Trevor Fiorentino. “I learned so much about the school and everything I can do to be really involved. I know it’s an incredible school that offers all the opportunities I want and more.”

The 446 new students attended a dean’s meeting where they were introduced to Dean Barbara Kahn, Vice Dean Neider and key staff members from the Undergraduate Business Program office.   Students were also given a tour and engaged in team work exercises. The undergraduates heard Dean Kahn outline the new vision for the School of Business, and an enhanced undergraduate curriculum that reflects a more front-loaded curriculum of business courses which will prepare them for the country’s most competitive internships.

Linda Neider, vice dean for undergraduate business notes that “The faculty, staff, and I are extremely excited to welcome the class of 2012 to our school as we kick off the school’s new curriculum for the 21st century manager.”  She went on to state, “Our freshmen follow in the footsteps of alums who have gone on to become CEOs, business leaders, politicians, attorneys, academics, and humanitarians. They are our hope for the future and I personally feel very confident that they will live up to the challenges of a global economy.”

The new curriculum includes the groundbreaking course Management 100, called FIRST  (“Freshmen Integrity, Responsibility and Success through Teamwork”) STEP. The required course will provide freshmen with opportunities to engage in decision-making that promotes social responsibility. They will work in teams and partner with local non-profit organizations to apply the concepts they have learned in class, particularly in the area of social entrepreneurship. Also new to the undergraduate  program this fall is a healthcare minor and real estate major.

 “Anything you do today can evolve from and be aided by a business degree,” said freshman Chris Carvajal, who hopes to follow in the footsteps of his SBA father and brother alumni but create his own along the way.

The university president, Donna E. Shalala welcomed the School of Business and other university freshman with a picnic at her home. Other orientation events included movies on the university lawn, sessions giving tips on navigating the city of Miami, and success strategies offered by all-star students.
The events weren’t strictly for new students, though. Teaching assistants and peer counselors attended an all-day training session to get in gear for the new school year and prepare for an even more involved and active role in the academic lives of freshmen.

The parents of the new students received special welcomes of their own. President Shalala and Dean Kahn met with parents at a President’s Brunch and in academic deans meetings for parents. There, parents were able to meet and greet with one another as well as the faculty and staff of the School of Business.
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