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The Bermont/Carlin Group at Smith Barney Honors School of Business School Scholars

 Bermont Carlin Dinner
Douglas Emery, chair and professor, department of
finance, Richard B. Bermont, senior vice president-wealth
management The Bermont/Carlin Group, Adam E. Carlin,
director-wealth management,The Bermont/Carlin Group,
Andrea Heuson, professor, department of finance

The Bermont/Carlin Group at Smith Barney
  honored 16 School of Business Bermont/Carlin Scholars at a dinner reception Thursday, April 16. The Bermont/Carlin Scholarship, now in its second year, is an internship program established by prominent wealth managers and civic leaders Adam E. Carlin, MBA ‘94, and Richard B. Bermont, principals of Coral Gables-based The Bermont/Carlin Group at Smith Barney.

The Scholarship’s mission is to help the University of Miami’s top School of Business students chart a path to a successful career in finance. As part of the program, winning scholars are taken on a trip to New York City to meet with major investment banks on Wall Street and other leading New York firms. The Scholars are selected each spring based on academic performance, written and oral presentations, personal characteristics and experience and complete their internships in the fall.

 Bermont Carlin Scholars
 Bermont Carlin Scholars

The students honored include:

  • Kalpesh Patel
  • Brad Armas
  • Chris Ishack
  • Artie Pearsall
  • Diego Suarez
  • Tim Heacock
  • C.J. Walker
  • Nicole Sutter
  • Anthony Vega
  • Miguel Vasallo

“One of the primary goals of the Bermont/Carlin Scholars program is to reward the School’s most outstanding students for their hard work and dedication with an opportunity to further their knowledge through practical, real world experience,” said Adam Carlin, director of Wealth Management with The Bermont/Carlin Group at Smith Barney, who initiated the funding for the scholarship program along with Richard Bermont, senior vice president of Wealth Management with the Bermont Carlin Group at Smith Barney.

“This kind of effort helps the students with their ongoing career choices,” said Barbara E. Kahn, dean of the University of Miami School of Business Administration. “Additionally, the effort is vital to our continued growth and success in furthering the Business School’s strategic initiative to building an international reputation for excellence.”

Applications for the 2009-2010 Bermont/Carlin Scholars are now being accepted.  For more information and to apply, visit the Scholarship Web site.

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