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MBA Consultants Program Supports Community

October 25, 2010
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Several more Miami area nonprofit organizations have received help in moving their organizations forward thanks the School’s long-running MBA Consultants to Nonprofits program.  MBA students Jean Chang, Selena Gibson, Huntley Maddrey, and Dustin Ottemiller were each assigned an internship with a different nonprofit over this past summer as part of the program.  The program, sponsored by Adam Carlin, MBA ‘94, principal of Bermont/Carlin Group, a local Citigroup Smith Barney affiliate, and the School’s Business Ethics Program, provides MBAs with valuable experience solving business problems and building professional networks and reinforces the idea of businesses and the community working together for mutual benefit.

Gibson worked for the American Red Cross, helping it establish social media tools such as a YouTube channel, Twitter account posts, Facebook pages, and blog entries to attract public attention.  She says as a young student, she was able to provide the Red Cross with a fresh perspective on marketing and social media.

“Most managers I’m working with right now are having trouble rivaling young people’s internet skills,” Gibson says.  “It’s difficult for them to keep track of all these different sites and resources.”

Ottemiller spent his summer working for Shake-A-Leg Miami, an organization that helps children and adults with physical, developmental and economic challenges through its water sports programs. Ottemiller says he was particularly inspired by the staff, those whom they serve, and CEO Harry Horgan’s vision of creating a water sports therapy destination for wounded veterans. Much of his summer was focused on better materializing this vision through the establishment of services such as sailing and SCUBA diving.

Chang worked in marketing for the American Cancer Society (ACS).  She says one of her most interesting tasks was working with children and how different that kind of “customer service” was from her former work with the Bulgari Corporation.  She adds that ACS helped her learn about a different kind of luxury good: good health and caring volunteers. Chang helped recruit volunteer drivers for the cancer patients’ hospital visits, arranged camping activities for children with cancer, and identified professional dermatologists to help cancer patients.

Maddrey worked for Vizcaya Museum & Garden, leading a marketing research effort to determine how to maximize visits to the museum.  By the end of the summer, Huntley had developed the baseline for new services to be delivered to Vizcaya visitors, who will benefit from a recent National Parks grant of $50,000 to the museum.

“My work allowed me to pursue an unknown passion of growing my knowledge of history and art,” says Maddrey.

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a student for this program, please contact Mary Young, director of the Ziff Graduate Career Services Center at myoung@bus.miami.edu or Anita Cava, director of Business Ethics Programs, at acava@miami.edu.

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