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Latin American Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress

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Business Law Professor Talks About Latin America's Intense efforts to Control Corruption

Professor Anita Cava, participated in the Third Latin American Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress, held in Panama, where she excelled as one of the main panelists. Cava spoke to Capital Financiero about the Latin America's intense efforts to control corruption, and how the University of Miami has developed a strong reputation as a center of ethics and compliance programs for the business market in Latin America with programs such as the Health Care Compliance Certificate Program. 

Now on it's fifth year, our Health Care Compliance Certificate Program educates executives responsible for the development and implementation of compliance efforts in the Latin American market. However, the program's focus is not only on current trends of laws, but also in critical communication skills and potential bad news to communicate to the Executive Director and to the Board. Given the success of the program and the existing demand, the School of Business Administration is considering expanding its educational program in financial compliance issues.

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