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Business Students Meet with Leading New York Investment and Marketing Firms

October 31, 2012
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Students in the Bermont/Carlin Scholars Program visited the New York Stock Exchange and met with leading investment firms.

More than 30 of the School’s top undergraduate and MBA students had the opportunity in October to learn about their chosen career paths in finance and marketing, up close and in the center of those industries – New York City.

16 finance students visited major investment banks through the School’s Bermont/Carlin Scholars Program, while a separate group of 18 undergraduate and MBA students were there to focus on careers in marketing. The marketing students spent three days visiting with such companies as Landor, GfK, Unilever, and NBC Universal.

The finance students were named Bermont/Carlin Scholars through a competitive application process that included interviews and a presentation on firms they spent the summer researching.  

The annual trip is supported by Richard Bermont and Adam Carlin (MBA ’94), principals of Bermont/Carlin Group, a local Citigroup/Smith Barney affiliate that created the Bermont/Carlin Scholars Program.

The finance students had the chance to meet and network with executives at four to five investment firms a day, including  leading firms like Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Barclays, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan.

Marketing students visited with such companies as GfK, the fifth largest market research organisation in the world.

“It was not just going up there and going on tours, but making contacts with people in the industry so that when you do apply somewhere, you have someone who can vouch for you,” said junior Javier Hernandez, one of the finance scholars. “That is invaluable.”

Among the investment bankers the students met with were UM alumni.

 “It was cool to see that these people went through the same thing and ended up where they are,” said Hernandez.

On the trip, students also explored different routes they can take in investment banking.

“It exposed me to other possibilities that I hadn’t been considering,” said junior Aaron Midden. “For example, we met with a UM Parent and he works at a boutique investment firm. I had not considered that beforehand.”

Midden says that between what the students learned and the contacts they made, the trip gave them a competitive advantage in the industry.

“The trip builds on itself so much and is so rewarding,” he said. “We have alumni in those firms and we will be able to expand that network through this.”

Also while in New York, the marketing and finance students took part in the UBS Young Alumni Mentor event.  The event, which has been hosted for the past five years by School of Business alumnus and Senior Vice President of Investments for UBS Alfred Marsicano (BBA ’76),  gives students the opportunity to meet with School of Business alumni to gain career advice from leaders in their areas of study. 
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