Anita Cava (center), professor of business law, with undergraduate students

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has ranked the undergraduate program at the UM School of Business among the nation’s top-10 in four specialty areas. The School is ranked No. 4 for business law, No. 6 for marketing, No. 9 for international business, and No. 10 for quantitative methods, in the report released May 9, 2012.

The rankings, which were based on a survey of UM business school seniors and those at 122 other business schools, also place the School in the nation’s top-25 in six other specialty areas, including entrepreneurship, operations management, sustainability, information systems, ethics and microeconomics.

The School’s top-25 rankings include:

  • No. 4 – Business Law
  • No. 6 – Marketing
  • No. 9 – International Business
  • No. 10 – Quantitative Methods
  • No. 12 – Entrepreneurship
  • No. 14 – Operations Management
  • No. 18 – Sustainability
  • No. 18 – Information Systems
  • No. 23 – Ethics
  • No. 25 – Microeconomics

“One critical factor in choosing a ‘best fit’ college business program is each school’s strengths and weaknesses in the academic disciplines high on the student’s must-have list,” noted Bloomberg BusinessWeek in an article accompanying the rankings. “…this year’s ranking sheds some light on the academic areas at which each school excels,” the report added.