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School of Business Hosts Executives from Latin America for Graduate Certificate Program

July 20, 2011
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Certificate ProgramThe School of Business hosted nearly 50 leading business executives from across Latin America in June for the classroom sessions of its 2011 Certificate in Administration and Business for the Executive Manager (CABEM), Certificate in Logistics and Transportation for the Executive Manager (CELTEM), and a Certificate in Innovation and Competiveness Management for the Executive Manager (CISMEM) programs. The certificate programs, which drew executives from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina, began April 22 with an Internet/e-learning preparatory module and corporate visits which ran through June 16. The programs wrapped up with a week-long classroom module at the School of Business at the end of June.

The certificate programs are delivered as part of a nine-year partnership between the School and Cámara Interamericana de Transportes (CIT). During that time, more than 450 executives from 13 countries have participated in the English and Spanish-language business and management training programs which are taught by industry leaders and members of the School of Business faculty.

“[The classroom module] is very intensive for the students,”said Marcelo Felippes, a CIT professor of logistics and transport management. “They spend 35 hours of the week in class, learning the real-world applications of innovative strategies in logistics, revenue growth, and attracting high-profile clients. This year, some students found themselves still on campus at 10 or 11 o’clock at night—it’s not easy, but it’s a rigorous and realistic program.”

The CABEM program helps professionals master practical and applicable business and management skills that they can put to work right away for their firms. The CELTEM program provides advanced technical and applicable expertise to corporate executives working in the logistics and transportation field. The CISMEN program helps executives gain the knowledge they need to leverage innovation to help their organizations maintain and increase their competitiveness.

“Our program is promoted primarily through word of mouth by our students, but we’ve also seen a lot of the same students returning to the program for additional certifications,” said Felippes. “We’re now looking into segmenting and expanding the program, since many of the students have already earned all three certifications.”

According to Felippes, the demand from students for these new segments is a reflection of growing demands in their respective countries.  “Many of our Brazilian [CABEM] students are interested in courses about managing big events because Brazil is poised to host many large sporting events, such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics,” he said. Felippes also anticipates that new segments in CELTEM will focus on international trade, ports, and globalization, while CISMEM will expand into health care innovations and quality-of-life improvement.

“Next year is very important for us because we will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the program,” says Felippes. “That isn’t typical for this type of program, but ours is very unique.”

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