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School of Business Joins Growing Network of Leading International Business Schools to Advance Management Education for the Developing World

October 21, 2013
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The School of Business Administration has joined the Global Business School Network, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that works to improve management education for the developing world.  The School joins a network of over 60 leading business schools from 27 countries that share a commitment to creating opportunities and improving lives through better management. 

As a GBSN member, the School will have unique opportunities to share knowledge, build educational capacity and engage in programs to advance management education across borders. This effort strengthens the pool of talent available to lead local, regional and multinational organizations working in emerging markets.  GBSN works to ensure that budding entrepreneurs and leaders receive high quality training that combines international best practice with local relevance. 

“The University of Miami School of Business Administration’s expertise in health care, entrepreneurship, and Latin American culture is a unique and valuable addition to GBSN’s network of leading international business schools,” says Guy Pfeffermann, CEO of GBSN. “GBSN is eager to expand its presence in Latin America. I am looking forward to collaborating with them on projects that align both of our missions.”

The School’s membership in GBSN continues a longstanding commitment to educational excellence and international impact.  The School is distinguished by its strong commitment to global sustainable prosperity, strategic location in Miami, unique capacity to teach in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), strong relationships with Latin American business, and the University’s innovative co-curricular entrepreneurship program (The Launch Pad). The School joins the network with hopes of becoming an active participant in GSBN’s capacity building, strategic consulting, and mentoring initiatives.

“I am delighted that the School has been accepted into GBSN.  Becoming a member of GBSN will help us achieve our vision of becoming a leader in advancing sustainable prosperity, especially in emerging economies.  We have an important role to play in supporting responsible globalization and we look forward to partnering with other members of the network to further management education in these markets,” says Dean Gene Anderson.

The School of Business has developed a wide array of international activities, many of which are focused on promoting responsible business practice. The University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has recently sent student teams to Brazil, China, and Thailand to work with individual entrepreneurs and organizations in those countries. The School’s Jamaica Project sends students abroad each year to help small business owners and entrepreneurs learn fundamental business skills. The Global Executive MBA program (taught in Spanish) and planned Miami Executive MBA for the Americas program are designed for executives from the high-growth markets of Latin America and dedicated to developing management talent and fostering responsible business practices in those markets. The School is currently offering immersion courses for students on business and society in China, India, and Latin America. Next year, students will travel to South Africa.

As an organization, GBSN aims to address one of the most pressing concerns for businesses and NGOs alike in the developing world: the lack of an educated workforce with the skills and knowledge to build businesses and lead teams to success.  Instead of encouraging talented students to leave their communities for education, which often leads to a “brain drain,” GBSN is promoting quality business education at home.  By building the capacity of local faculty, modernizing educational methods and developing programs that meet local needs, GBSN provides a sustainable solution to meet the management needs in the developing world. 

In addition to supporting educational programs, GBSN also aims to strengthen business schools’ role as knowledge generators and disseminators of innovation.  In this way they are able to contribute to the development of businesses and social programs beyond the walls of the classroom.

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