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Undergraduate Global Business Studies Program Gets Boost from $170,000 Teagle Foundations Grant

May 23, 2016
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The School of Business, along with partners Washington and Lee University and George Washington University, has secured a Teagle Foundation grant in the amount of $170,000 to be funded over the next three years. The grant will support of the School’s undergraduate Global Business Studies Program.

Undergraduate business students of today are best served by offering them opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes that prepare them for tomorrow’s global economy. The Teagle Foundation is committed to the liberal arts as a means of preparing pre-professional students for complexity, diversity, and rapid change, by developing greater cultural awareness and skills in the areas of communication, critical analysis, and problem-solving. The Teagle Foundation is supporting the School’s Global Business Studies Program because of the program’s strong potential to develop in business undergraduates not only the ability to think critically but also an understanding of the geographic, political, religious, and socio-economic forces that shape economies. In the Global Business Studies Program, the liberal arts are not relegated to general education, but instead they are leveraged to internationalize the curriculum in a targeted way. 

The program is a unique undergraduate co-major that engages business students in pointed critical thinking and discourse around global issues that impact business. The program incorporates a required ten-day cultural immersion, business core courses in Spanish, at least one semester abroad, and at least one international internship. Critical to the objectives of the Global Business Studies Program is a seminar series threaded through the eight-semester undergraduate curriculum, which is intended to reinforce the interconnected nature of the regional study and business coursework as well as to prepare students to answer pressing, multi-dimensional, global questions in an integrative capstone thesis during the senior year. Read more about the Global Business Studies Program.

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