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School’s Hyperion Council Credited with Boosting Reputation and Sales of Miami Bakery

November 17, 2013
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Pictured: Mrs. Moore's Bakery before (top) and after (bottom) being painted with a mural by Miami artist Trek Six.

A family-owned and operated bakery in Miami's historic Overtown neighborhood has seen its reputation grow and sales increase thanks to work started by the School’s Hyperion Council. The undergraduate organization, which focuses on developing projects to strengthen bonds between the local business community and the University, established a business consulting relationship with Mrs. Moore’s Bakery in 2010. Since then, council member Sarah Varughese (BBA, BA ’13) helped the business in developing its brand and products.

Although she graduated in this past spring, Varughese continued to work with Mrs. Moore’s Bakery. Seeing that the bakery needed to be spruced up, but lacked the needed funding, Varughese solicited well-known Miami artist Trek Six to paint a mural on the bakery walls pro bono.

“I've been stretched to creatively think of ways in which Mrs. Moore's products can be tasted by those inside and outside of Overtown - and what better way to catch someone's eye than a beautiful mural,” said Varughese. Miamians have witnessed the development and growth of businesses in the Wynwood area through the use of large murals attracting people across South Florida. I wanted to emulate this model, combining art and business development so that the bakery could attract new customers and be a model for other businesses in the area.”

Since the mural was painted, the bakery has attracted new customers and sales have gone up by 30% and continue to grow. Mrs. Moore’s Bakery has caught the eye of many restaurants outside of Overtown and partnerships are being established currently for Mrs. Moore's to be their head dessert supplier.

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