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School’s Professors and Graduating MBAs and Honored in Awards Ceremony


Casey Jennifer Crist (left), valedictorian for the One-Year MBA program, with School of Business Dean Gene Anderson

The best among the School’s MBA classes of 2012 along with their favorite professors have been honored as part of an annual MBA awards program. Awards were presented to outstanding faculty and the top graduates in the One-Year MBA, MBA for Working Professionals, Executive MBA and Executive MBA in Health Sector Management & Policy programs in a ceremony leading to their graduation on December 14. School administrators and staff joined the students, their families and friends to celebrate their accomplishments and to honor the top students with awards from their peers. 

Students who earned the highest grade point average in their class received Valedictorian Awards:

  • Casey Jennifer Crist (One-Year MBA)
  • Erik Ruda (Executive MBA)
  • Blanca Duarte (MBA for Working Professionals, December 2012 class)
  • Gustavo Fernandez, Todd Florin, and Oliver Lenz (Executive MBA in Health Sector Management & Policy, three-way tie)
  • Mishal Alsabbagh, Seth Perry, and Meghan Shue (MBA for Working Professionals, June 2013 class, three-way tie)

 Leadership Awards were presented to students from each of the graduating classes. The awards recognize students who demonstrate strong initiative, commitment, passion and leadership among their peers:
  • Ernesto Ibanez and Karina Garcia (One-Year MBA Class, two-way tie)
  • Juan Barrera (Executive MBA)
  • Emil Novak (MBA for Working Professionals, December 2012 class)
  • John Reinhart (Executive MBA in Health Sector Management & Policy)

Students from the different programs and cohorts also honored their professors with the Excellence in Teaching Awards:

  • Tallys Yunes, associate professor of management science (One-Year MBA program)
  • Anuj Mehrotra, Professor of Management Science (Executive MBA)
  • Chester A. Schriesheim, Professor of Management (MBA for Working Professionals, December 2012 class)
  • Howard Gitlow, Professor of Management Science (Executive MBA in Health Sector Management & Policy)
  • Sundaresh Ramnath, Associate Professor of Accounting (MBA for Working Professionals, June 2013 class)
Tallys Yunes (left), associate professor of management science, with MBA student Sylvia Perez

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