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Celebrating 25 Years of School’s Mentor Program

April 26, 2016
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university of miami school of business mentor 25 dinner

Pictured from left to right: Dean Anderson, Brenda Yester-Baty
(BBA '89), Stephen Schaefer (MBA '86), Johnathan Fichman (MBA '06),
John Courtright (BBA '60), Peter Kleinerman (MBA '74), Tom Krasner,
Andy Mayobre, Karen Maerovitz (BBA '00), Marvin Stein (BBA '70).

Corey Schwartz (BBA ’99) recognizes the lasting value of the School of Business’ Mentor Program. “When I was a student, I learned a great deal from my mentor, and now it’s my turn to give,” he said. “As a veteran mentor, I enjoy my connection with the School and the ability to give real business advice to students.”

Schwartz was among the long-time mentors recognized at the Mentor Program’s 25th Anniversary Appreciation Dinner at the School on April 19.

Diana Cabrera, an MBA candidate, was on hand to thank her mentor, Andrew Mayobre, for his support through a major career transition. “He encouraged me to look at the opportunities and take a risk,” Cabrera said. “I now call him ‘Uncle Andy’ because he’s such a big part of my professional family.”

Mayobre, managing partner, PrimStep Solutions, said he’s enjoyed mentoring students like Cabrera for the past 20 years. “I’ve had mentees from all over the world, who are filled with new ideas and are passionate about making a difference,” he said. “In many cases, we’ve become friends for life.”

Along with Schwartz and Mayobre, long-time mentors at the dinner included Richard Lavina (BBA ’84), who has been in the program for 10 years; Karen Maerovitz (BBA ’00), nine years; Jonathan Fichman (MBA ’06), 12 years; Stephen Schaefer (MBA ’86), 13 years; Brenda K. Yester Baty (BBA ’89), 13 years; John Courtright (BBA ’60), 17 years; Thomas Krasner, 18 years; Marvin Stein (BBA ’70), 24 years; and Peter Kleinerman (MBA ’74), 25 years.

university of miami school of business mentor 25 dinner

Diana Cabrera poses with her mentor, Andy Mayobre.

“About 25 percent of our mentors have volunteered for our program for at least five years,” said Marli Lutz, director, development and alumni relations,  “Collectively, that group has provided 453 years of mentoring – an invaluable contribution to our students.”

Currently, there are about 135 mentors and 150 students participating in the program, said Lutz, who noted that some mentors take more than one student. “We’ve recently added new analytic tools to facilitate those matches with our students.”

Several students said their mentors provided invaluable advice about their career paths. “I wanted to switch gears from hospitality to real estate investment,” said Kendra Plummer, a second-year MBA student.  Nathan Arnaiz, a senior undergraduate, said he received advice about “soft skills” and networking as he moved toward a possible career in human resources.

As Louis Joachim II (BBA ’04) said in a video played during the celebration, “Having great mentors has been invaluable to my career. I encourage everyone to be a mentor. We all really appreciate your support and guidance.”

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