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MBA Entrepreneurship Club Draws Hundreds for Tips on Finding the Right Business Partner

September 07, 2012
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  MBA Entrepreneurship Club Draws Hundreds for Tips on Finding the Right Business Partner

For those trying to get their business off the ground, finding a partner who shares the same vision can be difficult. That’s why the MBA Entrepreneurship Club at the School teamed up with Brian Breslin, who founded Refresh Miami in 2006, to host  a forum called "Founder Matchmaking: Finding your Tech/Biz Partner" on Aug. 29.

Nearly 300 people came out for the event which featured a panel discussion with Ed Toro, the senior engineer at Inversiones.com; Charles Irizari the director of product development and information architecture at Rokk3r Labs; Steve Repetti, the CEO of RadWeb; and Stewart Davis, the CEO of Bioceptive and a Miller School of Medicine alumnus.

The panelists tackled topics such as what red flags to look for when someone wants to go into business with you.

“When I am approached by a potential business partner, [and he or she uses] the acronym CTO [it is my] pet peeve, because it comes more from a corporate culture with big money rather than the start-up culture that I am used to,” said Toro.

Repetti added that prospective partners must come with a well-thought-out presentation detailing the potential of the company.

“Are those ideas capable of generating a company? That is the first question,” said Repetti. “Ideas are great, but they aren’t companies.”

“You could have had the idea for Twitter, but if you don't know how to execute it then it doesn't matter,” added Toro.

MBA student Mark Slaughter, president of the School’s MBA Entrepreneurship Club, helped organize the event.

Those in attendance also learned about other resources. Breslin, for example, launched the website miamitechevents.com, which featured over 50 meet-up events in South Florida last month. He also offers half-hour consultations at The Bookstore in the Grove where business hopefuls can meet with him to receive feedback on their business plans.

"This event is evidence that there is an entrepreneurial community here focusing on innovative solutions for our world,” said Mark Slaughter, president of the School’s MBA Entrepreneurship Club. “We drew entrepreneurs from as far away as Ft. Myers and Naples, which shows just how hungry South Florida truly is.  This event was a booming success, and it is a call to every current and former entrepreneur to take a look at what is going on our own backyard.  Let’s build companies here, fund companies here, and usher in a new era of innovation and job creation.”

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