Finance Department

Faculty Open Positions

The purpose of this website is to provide a source of information for individuals who wish to apply for a faculty position in the UM School of Business Finance Department.

We are currently hiring Faculty in the areas of corporate finance/investments, and macroeconomics. PhD. preferred, ABD acceptable. We are seeking individuals who aspire to be both excellent teachers and productive scholars. Applicants should have a strong interest and proven competence in research and scholarship. Appointment date is July 2015.

We ask that you submit your Letter of Introduction, Curriculum Vitae, Job Market Paper and up to three additional papers electronically in PDF file format.

Apply here: (You are encouraged to upload your application by December 12, 2014).

UM School of Business Finance Faculty Application

You will receive an email confirmation of receipt. All applicants are strongly encouraged to use this website to ensure their material is received and reviewed as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

The UM School of Business Finance Department Recruitment Committee