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Tracy Wilson Mourning

Tracy Wilson Mourning is a mentor, designer, broadcast journalist, motivational speaker, soon-to-be published author, loving mother, and wife to NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning. She is a Howard University graduate with a major in broadcast journalism and minor in business. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tracy is a proud resident of the South Florida community.

In 2002, Tracy founded the Honey Shine Mentoring Program and has been fully dedicated to enriching the lives of young women ever since. The mission of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program is to encourage the balance of mind, body, and soul in girls and young women by providing nurturing experiences that not only illuminate their paths but inform their decisions with self-reliance and hope, empowering their future. The Honey Shine Mentoring program serves as a guide through bi-weekly workshops and a summer camp created with the sole purpose of educating and supporting these girls and young women in an effort to prepare them for a future filled with endless possibilities in the positive. Tracy is currently working with the Honey Shine team to expand the program across the country.

Tracy is also the CEO and co-founder of Honey Child by Tracy Wilson Mourning (Honey Child Enterprises LLC), a brand of bath and body products of unparalleled quality. Tracy created this collection to encourage women to indulge in a moment of self-celebration and appreciation. This time of personal reflection and devotion is essential to balancing the multi-faceted aspects of being a Goddess," Soulmate," "Lover," and “Friend," all roles that women play at some time in their lives, either individually or simultaneously. Honey Child Enterprises is committed to supporting the Honey Shine Mentoring Program and has been featured in magazines such as In Style, Essence and Ocean Drive.

Tracy is a proud mother to sons Trey and Alijah, and daughter Myka. Tracy is grateful for the higher power that is her beacon and that guides her life’s path. This spiritual foundation is a central motivation in all that Tracy does, providing her with the peace and empowerment that is reflected in the ideologies of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program and Honey Child Enterprises.

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